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Main House Terrace

Welcome to the Kartipah Guest & Wedding House

My lovely husband, Eka Suraatmadja, and i, built this sophisticated home in November 1980. My Beloved daughters, Una, Dina & Tika, were grown up here till they get married in this lovely house. When they get their own business and decided to move out, i have an idea to make this house became a guest & wedding house with a different atmosphere.

The Kartipah was renovated on December 2003 and has seven rooms with specific design with different character and classic modern interior. In the backyard we have an exotic garden with eastern style.

So, please come and visit The Kartipah, feel the atmosphere, feel the different, feel at home, and you will get our best services.


Ny. Kartipah Suraatmadja



The Lobby

We welcome you to our lobby with a breathtaking view of the green garden.

You may greet your guests here, whilst experiencing the perfect Western interior.



Raghan Radjie Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Our spacious outdoor pools for adults and kids where surrounded by green garden, you may hold your sport with leisure or special occasion in our pool.


Dinning Room



Dinning Room

Is an exceptional dinning with cozy atmosphere like go to the wild west era, serving local and international dishes for 24 hours